Tiwa Savage Ft. Don Jazzy – Eminado (Undressed)

Published on March 22, 2014 by admin

Let’s start by saying that overall, this is a good track and very catchy to the point of intoxication but the lyrics are not inspiring at all…I actually like Don Jazzy’s voice and the sentiment he adds to all the songs he colabs on but man, he just escaped with some terrible lyrics on this one….What do you want from the bank, I just came from the bank and I got money to throw away…so every body rock your body for me….what the heck? Why is he asking her what she wants from the bank Is the bank a store?…Money is really the only thing in a bank… He could have simply said: What do you want; I just came from the bank and I’ve got money to blow. The rest of his verse is just noise. You are asking her to rock her body because now you have money to spend on her? That sounds like prostitution.

Chorus is empty as well…Here I go, show me your love, open the door and I’ll leave you begging for more. My baby carry me like your baby…I don’t know what you did to me. I’ll be your African barbie and you be my six pack bobo. I don’t even know what to say about that. Tiwa can definitely do better….

That overrated biblical reference line we hear over and over and over in almost every Nigerian song: What God has put together, let no man put asunder. Jesus Christ…aren’t there 31,172 other verses in the bible. This is all about him watching her rock her body…what does that have to do with love?

Disrespectful lyrics…recycled and elementary. There’s absolutely nothing there to contemplate, ponder or even digest. It’s all about the instrumentals for this song. All she has managed to do is rhyme new, with you and do…and then he should keep watching her while she rocks her body. When Nigerian artists write songs, they use almost no metaphors or similes that leave you wanting more or pressing rewind…it’s always “last word of sentence” rhymes…and when they get lost, they simply start singing: Rock your body or wine your waist or kukere or something similar…tufiaqwa

And that’s it. It’s so hard to be optimistic about these lyrics. I really try to be objective but they don’t try at all. It’s evident that Nigerian artists spend 95% of their time getting the instrumentals right and the lyrics are whatever. How can you see these kinds of words on paper without the instrumentals and you agree that this is a hit!

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