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Published on May 22, 2008 by ondikoinet

Nigerian songs,Nigerian music,Naija songs,Afro Beats.The official video of “NO MORE YAHOOZE(THE REPLY to THE MEGA HIT YAHOOZEE)”highlighting the spendthrift lifestyle of a playboy and his regrets afterwards…”No more yahooze” is the reply to “Olu maintain” Mega hit “yahooze” No more yahooze talks about the ills of society with the notorious “yahoo yahoo scam” but at the same time takes the song in another direction.It talks about investing your money wisely should you come across or make a fortune.At the same time it advises against “yahoo” hence the “No more yahooze” No more yahooze is a “song from Nigeria” And it is sung in the “yoruba language” No more yahoozee created a bit of controversy among fans and listeners when it first surfaced as fans thought it might be a dig at the previous song.But it was nothing as such.It was just an opportunity to reply a classic song that “yahooze” was The chance to record a reply to “yahooze” was too good to pass by
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