La Nature D’Haiti

Published on December 3, 2009 by paquito

Haiti is Crying For Our Help…
Can you hear her?

My children…

You used to see me every day
I made you who you are today
You were always so happy,
Cheerful and bubbly

Your Happiness also made me Happy
But once you left me and never returned

After you left me and never returned
I became like the Mona Lisa
Pretending to be smiling
But what you don’t see are the invisible tears

The tears of pain I cry,
The ones you cant see from the outside

You see me pretending to smile with my majestic beauty.
But how can I really smile when my children who are still with me are suffering and those who left me are no longer coming back to see me?

I don’t need anyone to worry
I’m fine…..
…at least on the outside…
On the inside….
I’m really dying…

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