Konbit Kreyol Dance Competition Introduction Part 7

Published on November 27, 2013 by paquito

Dance Haiti Intro

History of Konbit Kreyol

Konbit Kreyol is a Student Association that was created in 1990 at Florida Atlantic University to help Haitian-American students achieve higher standards culturally, mentally and intellectually by differentiating facts from fiction through communication. It has developed over 23 years to grow over 400 members, and continues to set the standards of excellence, culture, patriotism, and honor at F.A.U
Year after year, Konbit Kreyol has yet to fall short of expectations, consistently exceeding them and reaching new heights.

On a weekly basis, Konbit Kreyol can be found educating the student body and recruiting new active members in Florida Atlantic University’s main hallway, the Breezeway.

Konbit Kreyol is not only known locally for the difference it is making with its Haiti Outreach program, but also for the leadership it provides to its members and organizations under both the National Haitian Student Alliance, Inc. and United Haitian Students of Florida. Alumni and current members of Konbit Kreyol currently sit on the executive boards for both organizations.

On campus, we are respected and admired for providing such a nurturing environment. At Konbit Kreyol, members leap into the unknown and learn skills that they generally would not learn in the classroom.

What is the meaning of Konbit Kreyol? Konbit means a gathering to discuss, promote, unify, or harvest the results of the group at large. The best way to express ourselves is in Kreyol because our culture ignited within us the urge to merge together to form a relationship that will not be only at FAU but an everlasting relationship that will weave us in a web of network and togetherness as future leaders to our community. Konbit Kreyol’s goal is to promote unity in order to reach a common goal while enjoying ourselves in the process. And is open to students of ALL races.
Our culture has ignited within us the urge to merge together and to form relationships that will not only exist at Florida Atlantic University, but everlasting relationships that will weave for us a web of future leaders within our community. Konbit Kreyol’s goal is to promote unity in order to reach one common goal as our motto suggests:

Tet ansamn pou la diferans
Working together to make a difference

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