J-BEATZ – Ou Met Kondane’m – (Official Video) 2012

Published on August 13, 2012 by mrskouadio

Ou Met Kondane’m music video portrays the game of love. It’s about two people who are involved in a relationship, and the man is cheating, but in this situation he denies being guilty but agrees to take punishment for the accused crime. The video starts with the guys and begins to tell his story, while different images of upset females appear to signify the different females he is playing. The game of poker is used to demonstrate the resemblance a love game, meaning no matter how good of a player you are their can only be one winner. The darkness and smoke is used to show the feelings associated with love when things go wrong. At the end, the females win and celebrate, BUT IF ONLY ONE PERSON CAN WIN, WHO IS THE WINNER?

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