Ayiti Péyi Nou

Published on April 23, 2014 by paquito

This video is about our country Haiti Chérie, Ayiti Toma. (Sé sêl lakay ki lakay).

Often New York Times stories go unchallenged. Yet the Huffington Post’s Haiti’s Battle to Shake off a Poor Reputation, written in response to the New York Times’ controversial Earthquake Relief Where Haiti Wasn’t Broken, addresses the negative way in which the mainstream media (including the New York Times) frames Haiti and Haitians to its readership. Readers must challenge media outlets to produce meaningful journalism about Haiti.

The strong words that perpetuate the image of Haitians as incapable, corrupt, disorganized victims to a voracious government that need outside protection and oversight. In contrast, the author of Haiti’s Battle to Shake off a Poor Reputation frames Haiti as a developing nation trying to find a foothold to start climbing the ladder of development. This positive portrayal of the country describes a path taken by many other developing countries, and follows a strategy that led many South Asian countries from extreme poverty to middle income status.

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