Ayiti pam nan diferan 2015

Published on February 24, 2015 by ondikoi

The beauty of Haiti not shown on television. When it comes to Haiti, the international media always go to the worst area of Haiti giving the country a bad image and scaring potential tourists. Although it is true that Haiti is very poor but there are beautiful places to go, things to do or to see. The country is beautiful and has a lot of potential. I predict Haiti will be once again the pearl of the caribbean in years to come. The problem with Haiti is that it lacks a caring government and investments. Haiti has been brain drained. Most rich and professional Haitians have left Haiti. Hence the Haitian diaspora lacks caring people who are willing to come back and help the country. There are more than 6 smaller islands belonging to Haiti. All of them with impressive beauty and pristine beaches.

Gonâve Island
Grande Cayemite
Île à Vache
Petite Cayemite
Cap Haitien
Port au Prince
Port Salut
Saint Marc

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