#AfricaAsOne Part 30: Mali: A land moved by music

Published on August 19, 2015 by ondikoinet

This week the DHL AfricaAsOne team find themselves in Mali, a land where stories are told through music and photographs. We talk to a local man who earns his living by making, selling and playing drums. We also meet the son of one of Africa’s greatest photographers, and then, to our surprise and joy, we have the honour of meeting the father of Malian photography himself. Such a truly creative week!

Creative Agency – 7 Different Kinds of Smoke
Logistics and Activations – Treble Group
Production and Filming – Hammersmith and Elephant
Facebook, Twitter & Influencer marketing – Have You Heard
Transport – Land Rover South Africa
Telecom – AWE Telemetry
Mobile Telecom – Fluxcon
Vehicle Modifications – Front Runner
Medical Eye test – Mercy Ships
Navigation – Tracks4Africa
Activations – Tag Rugby

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